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MapChart for Airtable Premium

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The Premium version of the MapChart extension for Airtable gets you:

4 additional maps to choose from:

  • 🗺️ World map
  • 🇺🇸 US counties
  • 🌎 US & Canada
  • 🌍 Europe

More styling options for your maps:

  • 🎨 Background color
  • 🎨 Border color
  • 🎨 Default color
  • 🎨 Border width

Preview of maps you can create with the premium features:

One time payment, no subscriptions!

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You will get:

A license key:
Enter it in the MapChart extension for Airtable to unlock its premium features.
Lifetime access:
Get it once, use it forever.

MapChart for Airtable Premium

0 ratings
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